Our Story – Nature Is The Key

Our Story

What happens when Nature herself is applied to slow down the effects of natural ageing?

Several years ago, while attending one of the world’s foremost international conferences on ageing, our founder Roz Martin clearly saw the choices available to women. In the main auditorium, detailed presentations on invasive surgical procedures and facelifts made for uncomfortable viewing.

Nearby, Roz was instead drawn to another seminar within the same conference, on nutritional therapies… and an idea sparked. It seemed so clear – it did not have to be traditional creams, nor must it be external interventions! Nature was the key and it was only nature that could decelerate the effects of ageing.

Roz realised there and then, that the ocean, as nature’s most powerful force was home to the nutrients needed to build natural-compound supplements. On her return to Ireland, she began working closely with several anti-ageing compound pharmacists and scientists, developing products that would help improve the skin, hair and nails, bones and our mood and our overall sense of wellbeing.

Several hundred experiments and two years of lab work later, Amphis was born. And a powerful new option emerged.